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Beach Metal Detecting

Metal detector enthusiasts find that their hobby takes them many places. Of all those places, most hobbyists agree that the beach ranks supreme. No matter where they go, those who use metal detectors always return to the water and the sand. Some metal detecting fans are so enamored with the beach that they move just so they can have better access. Others make it a point to visit at least once every year. There are many reasons for this, but we can reduce them to a combination of the beach’s natural beauty and the great metal detection finds that the beach yields.

Metal Detecting at the Beach

beach metal detecting

The only problem with beach metal detecting is that while the use of metal detectors may seem like a niche pastime, it doesn’t always seem that way there. The beach is a natural gold mine due to the treasures that the sea deposits, and then you have the added bonus of the treasures lost by the beach-goers. This is the reason that every enthusiast with a metal detector flocks to the nearest beach on the most beautiful days. We all participate in this hobby for different reasons. It’s up to you to determine whether competing with all of those beach-goers and with all of those other metal-detecting enthusiasts is worth it.

If you decide that it is not worth it to fight the crowds, then you can try to target the most popular beaches during non-peak hours. For instance, visit the beach at dawn, and then leave as the crowd begins to gather. Alternatively, arrive at dusk. Dusk is a great time to go metal detecting at the beach. In addition to all of those treasure-finding opportunities, the temperatures are cooling. The only drawback is that you have a small window of light. For the adventurous types, cold days make for excellent treasure-finding opportunities as does walking the beach during mildly inclement weather. Pre-storm beach-combing is a breathtaking experience that everyone should try at least once. Just make sure you’re out of danger when mother nature strikes.

For many metal detection enthusiasts, the best option will be to search for a section of the beach that isn’t popular with the kids, the tanners and the swimmers. There are spots like this along all beaches that are unpopular due aspects such as reed growth and isolation. There is the obvious drawback that with less people comes less treasure. However, there is still all that treasure from the sea to be found.

Beach Metal Detecting Tips

Tip #1 - Start by locating the high tide and the low tide mark. If you imagine those two lines running parallel the length of the beach, then everything in between is your prime search zone. Now walk that path in either direction, searching in a zigzag pattern. The great thing about this section of any beach is that treasure is deposited it to it year around. You can search like this all winter long, and manage to take in a great haul of treasure.

Tip #2 - One concern of all metal detecting enthusiasts regarding beach metal detecting is wasting time by going in circles. The solution to this is simple. Think of the beach as a giant square grid. Just try to detect a few squares of the grid at a time. You can even create a visual grid for yourself. All it takes are some colorful golf tees or spray painted rocks. Set up your grid and then follow your lines. Just make sure that you pick up the tees when done. Also, it’s a good idea to create grids in areas where other people aren’t present. Just go beach metal detecting during off hours and this shouldn’t be a problem.

Tip #3 - If you're beach metal detecting make sure you’re not trespassing or violating someone’s rights in another way. This is a great opportunity to remind all metal detector hobbyists that the beach isn’t an excuse not to cover the holes one makes or to leave trash behind. We should all be conscious of the fact that the beach is a playground for children. Our carelessness with a metal detector can turn into a real danger for them.

Metal Detecting Tips

Tip #6 - If you're metal detecting at the beach make sure you aren't skimming along the waterline with your metal detector unless it a model that's built to get wet!