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Metal detecting enthusiast's online information center

Metal Detecting

Both metal detecting veterans and those new to metal detecting often look for new and exciting places to go metal detecting

The truth is you'll maximize your finds if you hunt in the right spots. We’ve created this comprehensive list of the best places to detect metal.  Here’s a list of favorite metal detecting spots in no particular order:

List of the Best Places to go Metal Detecting

1. The beach – Beach metal detecting is always fun.  You can find tons of lost treasures at the beach including jewelry and coins.  Plus digging isn’t too hard.  Just use a sand scoop and discover treasure with ease.

2. Fairgrounds and Carnival sites – This is a great location to use a metal detector.  Focus on areas where people buy things like food stations and in the games section.  Also, people often lose loose change on rides or near ticket booths.

3. Ballparks – Metal detecting at ballparks can be fruitful especially if you can get under the bleachers.  Make sure you ask permission if the park is private.

4. Playgrounds – This can be a great place to find loose change and jewelry.  It’s best to go after hours though when the area isn’t inundated with children. 

5. Fields – Try metal detecting at large fields where concerts or other events have been held.  Anyplace people gather in large numbers usually results in lost treasure. 

6. Lakes, Ponds, and Rivers – Any place people go swimming is ideal for metal detecting.  If you don’t live near the beach try any of the aforementioned locations.

7. Campgrounds – If they are private make sure to ask permission before metal detecting.  Lots of interesting things can be found there though. 

8. Historical places – Specifically, battle grounds, or roads commonly used in the past no longer functional.  Caution should be exercised when metal detecting at places with historical significance.  They are often preserved and not open to metal detecting enthusiasts for the purposes of uncovering treasure. 

9. Ghost towns – If there is one near you make sure you go metal detecting there!  There is no limit to what you might find. 

10. Outdoor Flea Market Sites – These areas are especially fruitful if the market has a long history of being held at a specific spot.  Money is often exchanged and coins are often dropped. 

11. Abandoned Drive In Movie Theaters – Many of these locations were on grass as opposed to concrete.  Hunt around concession stands if possible. Many coins found here are older.

The above list represents some suggested metal detecting locations.  Some may not be applicable for your geographic location.  Talk to other metal detecting enthusiasts and ask their advice regarding the best local places to go metal detecting.  Also, keep your eyes open as you spend time around town.  You’ll probably discover a number of wonderful places to go metal detecting!

Metal Detecting Tips

Tip #31 - Perform some historical research on the town in which you reside and discover ideal places to metal detect.