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Metal detecting enthusiast's online information center

Metal Detecting

The hobby of metal detecting is fun and enjoyable for all who participate.  There are however, some basic safety rules enthusiasts should follow when out treasure hunting.  

Metal detecting safety is a combination of common sense and experience. Follow these five metal detecting tips and stay safe.

metal detecting safety

1.  Be aware of your surroundings - It's always important for women to take precautions and be aware of their surroundings, but guys should be careful too.  Metal detecting often takes hobbyists to remote locations. When out metal detecting in the middle of nowhere remember to be cautious of strangers.

2.  Metal detect in teams.  There's a lot of truth to the saying, "There's safety in numbers."  When out metal detecting it's not only more fun to have a pal it's also wise.  If anyone in your party is injured or stricken by a medical condition it helps to be in pairs.

3.  Keep a cell phone on your person.  Anything can happen while out treasure hunting.  You might be in a remote location and get a flat tire or run into other car trouble.  A phone also becomes useful if you need to call for help due to injury or other ailment. 

4.  Learn how to properly use your metal detecting equipment.  When used improperly metal detection equipment and tools can lead to injury.  This is especially true regarding the use of digging tools.  Learn to properly use your metal detecting equipment before you take it out treasure hunting.

5. Your metal detector can often unearth dangerous items. Be careful of glass in plugs and other items such as razor blades. Metallic items detected by your metal detector can often be sharp. Take precaution when digging in the dirt with hands.

Always remember that safety is key when out on the hunt.  Happy detecting!

Metal Detecting Tips

Tip #2 - Don't forget your cell phone when you're out on the hunt. It' can be a lifesaver!